Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Duct Taped Happiness.

My absolute favorite things in the whole world. I've worn these babies everyday since I got them on my birthday (Feb. 7th). Ah but the weight of the world is getting to them. Poor soles, I need to find some way to get them fixed, and by jove I'll figure it out! I'm going to keep them forever :D

I think my favorite part is the little fringe on the sides of them, I like the way they move when I walk, kinda like when a salsa dancer's skirt twirls and whirls.

What a beauty eh?

My second favorite thing in this galaxy.

Canon F-1

Oh, you complete me.
It's so pretty. Hopefully soon my mom will take it to get f-i-x-e-d.
But either way it's such a lovely camera. Once it's at tip top shape, there's no telling what will happen. We will be unstoppable.

OH! and the WHOLE part of it?
AH wow isn't it just gorgeous?
A 20mm Wide Angle lens, a 50mm lens, a Vivitar 285HV Flash, and a Macro 70-210mm Zoom Lens:)

It's also got a nifty carrying case, I feel so professional with it.

Oh my summer has just begun to be fantastic.

Because this beautiful camera is all mine.

Oh I'm so happy:)

I'm such a lucky lass for these wonderful things.

Trying to continue with pursuing my music and writing more songs.

You like?

Gonna end this afternoon with a glass of milk and chocolate chip cookies that my younger brother made.

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me.

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