Monday, June 14, 2010

I believe in yesterday.

Oh yesterday,

I woke up with a not so pleasant blemish on my face that made my lip swollen. It wasn't very fun walking around with an ice pack stuck to my face as I crossed my fingers that the nasty bugger would go away and let my lip return to its normal plumpness.

I then had a satisfying afternoon, with my good pal Jessica from Science class.
She very successfully persuaded me to ride "Aftershock", a very large, intimidating ride at Silverwood theme park. I was very nervous as I stood in line.
As it took off I was screaming like a young child with an ear ache. My throat is now a tad sore.

We filled our bellies with mexican tater tots, and funnel cakes, and then had a great time watching Nick Norton's magic show before we left.

I arrived home and slept for the good end of the afternoon and ended my day with a glass of orange juice.

Good day indeed:)

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