Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh I believe in Yesterday. (Part Two)

I have a feeling that this might become a habit,
Writing these blogs with ideas from the day before.

Yesterday, I felt on top of the world!
Or...maybe to the side of it. But that's besides the point, considering I just felt really great.

I had woken up after a good night of playing Space Invaders with Amira, we made it to
Neptune... But died, I tell yah, That game on an N 64 is tough work.

But, Man was it SUNNY out.

Well I was destined to do something that day, I WAS GOING TO DO SOMETHING MORE THAN SIT AROUND AND WATCH TV!

And you know what I did?

Cleaned the kitchen for my mom.

And I finally made some visible space on my bedroom floor, complete with just all around CLEAN for my humble abode.
I felt pretty proud of myself for those accomplishments, it's always nice to have
clean living area.
After all that cleaning, and some conversations with some pretty convincing motivational ideas,
I decided to work out.

Well surprise, this is totally new for me, I mean me and physical activity is like a sign that the world is ending or something because I hardly do anything at all. But I completely convinced
myself because I want to be a few sizes smaller than I am currently for when school starts.

I did 100 crunches, 20 sit ups, and rode One and a half hours on a recumbent bicycle.
Yeah, I'm proud too.

So I ended the night with some yummy strawberries and stayed up til the early hours of the morn' watchin Robert Downey Jr. movies.

I tell ya, what a fine looking man he is:D

If I make a habit of writing the day after, well I hope to make a habit of "working out" every night.

Wish me Luck?

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