Friday, July 2, 2010

How Do I Say In All Honesty, That You Mean So Much To Me?

I haven't written in Red Book in a while,
How Strange.

I think after this I may, sounds good to me.

I'm light headed.
My heart feels like it's skipping a beat every once in a while, to get lodged in my throat.

Have you ever spun in circles? And then laid down, closed your eyes, and felt the room 'spin' around you?
In such an odd feeling, it's got a hint of peacefulness to it.
I think the next time I do that, I'll listen to the current artist playing on these speakers (Explosions in the Sky). It would feel so relaxing.
At this moment, though the day was fantastic, my mind has wandered to darker places. My insecurities and disappointments are surfacing, it make me angry. What is it about darkness that things begin to surface?
Not sure what to say, but I feel like a long sleep may help my sagging eyes and drooping heart.

Teenagers, we all have too much emotions.
Artists, we think too deep.

But that's okay.

Dear friend,
will we speak again? Don't forget me, because I'm too forgetful myself to remember how much it made sense. Will we return to how it was, will I come to?

I really wish I could play piano, these chords make me jealous.

I am scatter brained and have derailed.
Get me back on track?

Where's my stop? Where do I get off?
"I think I can, I think I can"

Little engine that could?
I feel like the little engine that can't.

Wow I need to quit pity-ing myself.
It's an awful habit.

Yeah, you don't know this.
But I'm holding back tears.
It's not my fault.

The end.

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