Friday, July 9, 2010

La la la. Oh, Yesterdayyyy (Part 3)

Well these past few days I've been pretty upset.

And I've made a decision.

I'm gonna live the Adam Young-ster Lifestyle.

Now, this isn't because he's my favorite artist,
Oh No.
Not only that.

It's because, he's so optimistic.
I've taken the time to read his blogs whenever he posts new entries, and reading what he writes is so....

His view on life and the finer things, just leaves me feeling great.
I don't know how he does it.
But it's sparked something in me to decide to go for it.

I want to be optimistic no matter what.

I don't want things, events, emotions, or people
around me, to change me.
When I saw him in concert, it was so wonderful, I can't even fully describe to you how it made me feel.

It wasn't because I felt so starstruck that "Oh my gosh that's ADAM YOUNG!!!"
It was because I felt in such awe when I saw him perform.

I could see the full joy of him performing his music. How in love he was with just playing his songs was amazing. To me it didn't even seem like he was happy at the fact that there were over a hundred girls filling the Knitting Factory, screaming at the top of their lungs, reciting all his lyrics back to him while he sang.
Nor do I believe it was because he had been traveling coast to coast.
I whole heartedly believed it was because of how in love with his music he was.
that he was so content in being able to dance around singing his songs,
made me feel so happy.

I remember the constant smile on my face as I watched in admiration at his performance.

And I want to get to that point of feeling like a little kid.

And maybe one day introduce myself to him and thank him deeply for not only his dream-like, wonderful music. But for his absolutely fantastic.... being. Just for being himself.

Sometimes I feel so funny, writing about an artist I truly am inspired by...
I sound like such a girl-fan.

I'm going to prove you wrong,
I will be the best I can be.

And I'll keep my head high all the while.

I am not as selfish as you think.
I'm not so rude.

I'm an upset longing soul, going to prove you wrong.

Humm dee dummm

On the happy side!

I bought a new shirt, it's a grey V-neck, and it is probably the most comfortable thing I've ever slipped my arms through.
It's like a great hug that when the opposite said person releases, and you still hang on,
Squeezing out every last second that you possibly can as to push a record button in your brain to replay it over and over until another significant person recreates the moment.

Ahhh comfy.

Oh and last night I stayed at my best friend Falloneus Braddidieus's house.
It was a good night.

I borrowed his Casper, Halloween pajama pants and began a thumb tiring, eye-straining journey through hell, past it's dark hallways, secret doors, and shot at every opposing alien that crossed my path.

Well of course I'm speaking of the incredibly confusing game, Doom.

It was a grand night of video games, heart to heart spilling out deep felt emotions,
and Ameerah's explanation of how God created me.

Wonderful, wonderful.

I don't know how to end this blog,

Except to tell you that I feel so much better now.

Day 1
I feel fantastic.

Who's Hungry?