Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stay Gold Ponyboy.

I've been trying to stay up and optimistic this whole week, but it's kinda hard.
Especially since grief has been punching me in the gut over and over these past 7 days, so it's been no fun to put up with.

Dad, I miss you.

I'm continuing to exist in my highschool, and really just in life all together.
But I feel at such a standstill, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
I'm still not in the mood to do anything, yet I'm ready to accomplish everything.
I'm just waiting for that bit of motivation to kick in.

I guess I could look on the bright side,
I've been feeling pretty beautiful this week,
And there's this boy who thinks alot of me, and has been so kind to me.
He's helped cheer me up quite a bit.
Especially because he's okay with just sitting around doing nothing, if that's all I'm up for.
Thanks man, you're really...

I know I'm not supposed to dwell on sad things because it can make you depressed,
But Jesus?....
Can we forget that rule for a little while?
Can I curl up in a ball and cry?
Could I please just wallow in self pity for a couple days?
Can I just break the rules?

I am going to break the rules.

Who's a party pooper?


"The only reason my glass is half full, is because I drank it."
-Ameerah Bader.

1 comment:

  1. Yes. You can break the rules.
    It's the best thing to get whatever is inside of you out.
    Cry as hard as you can.