Friday, February 25, 2011

Prince and Princess.

stop and think for a minute, that if every passing minute was wasted on the waste-less would we like to find ourselves lost with the tasteless and uninterested flesh that we're living, and breathing in.
Because this flesh feels a little bit like it's too big for these bones, cuz I'm only fragile to the unopened things that have been in living inside this home because I'm to afraid to let the beast out. But funny enough, this beast is just a two toed sloth that can't even muster enough strength to stretch these weary arms out of this ever collapsing hole that I've dug myself into.
Oh I'll inch and yawn my way out of these sheets unless you find me first, because I'll stay enclosed in those arms if that's the sort of attention you'll let me have while I rest in the arms of the one I love most. but baby, you're the one I love most, and I haven't even met you yet so why are my eyes and ears blinded and deafened until I am formally introduced? Because I want so much to meet you, and to meet you quick, because my girl-ish fantasies of living happily ever after, prince and princess, are beginning to fade. Because it's a dream I've yet to live out as a reality, and baby don't tell me it can't happen because I know that whatever I set my mind to, it can happen. And it will happen.