Sunday, May 1, 2011

For Today,

there’s so many opportunities in this world for my body to be taking,
but there are so many pieces of my heart that are breaking.

In this stillness and the sleepless slumber I’m awake through the night without an ounce of numbered,

Broken dreams, and broken memories.

The last of these and the growing necessities that drown our hopes in the midst of sorrows and the weightlessness of the things we borrow

Just to keep ourselves alive.

when do we take enough and in the end we’re left high and dry to the
amount of souls we pour out and cry but

the only life worth living is the life of love and love worth giving but we’re all too busy to see the diminishing lives unfolding.

Swallowed deeper into a lifeless well and
tripping deeper into our own minds as well we are
left to the brokenness, sadness and shame
as our lives are seemingly always the same but
in the end will we open up like daisies to the morning sun and
open our eyes envelope lives and forget no one,

or will we fold over, under and be left in cowering fear
under and over
and under and over
until the sails of our ships that are sinking are left to be washed up
on a rocky shore?

less than a mess

being tossed over and under in the guilt and unhappiness of burdensome boxes and crates and weight that should no longer be left in the helm
but tossed to the gallows and left to be disposed of.

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