Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm 20,000 feet above ground,
above sea level where my feet last embraced earth.
my toes sunk into that thick black brown mud and collapsed with joy at the contact of being apart of the world for an instance.

I'm in the air so far high above any reach,
and with luck,
and a parachute,
if you tell me to jump,
maybe I'll buck up enough courage to make contact once again.

But sometimes,
right before my surroundings enhance into a free-fall,
my knees get shaky,
and I give up last minute.

I'm giving up
giving in
to the fear of heights that seems to always win
but when will I spit in the face of my fears
laugh at the cowardly lion living inside my brittle bones.

That lion knows it has the strength to tear out of this chest
and become the king.
But the power is frightening.
and Oh if only I had the courage to.
start. up.

I'm trying to navigate these stormy skies
I've been here three years and I swear I could maneuver with my eyes closed because,
it's the same place I've been circling.

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