Saturday, October 8, 2011

For Ameerah; Part Two: Dedication

Just stop and breathe,
it's the only void in life that I need to achieve.

The moments I blow everything out of proportion and push myself down in the mud
and fail to realize that the things that would
bring me up and make me feel better.
Are the reasons that I keep trying.

Don't you fail to see the optimism.
Don't you fail to see the truth

That you so blatantly make yourself blind to
and so obviously choose
To not see.

You see, the last three years of my life have been selfish,
And unforgiving.
And one of the only things I strive to find is
the happiness and the selflessness that has been acted out upon in such a thoughtful manner.

The kinds of things that could choose to destroy you and tear you down,
have not only failed,
but have shaped an opposite creation
full of love.
and beauty.

This is the confidence and friendliness that anyone could hope to achieve,
and it has been achieved.
By a single being.

That I know is the greatest creation.
That I know has been the most important impact on my soul being.
That I know, is important.

Ameerah Bader is the best.

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