Tuesday, March 13, 2012

But As Plain as the See-Through Glass, There Was My Heart.

I appreciate when I have opportunities placed in front of me that give me a purpose of hope.
Next month I'm going to California for a little over a week, and my excitement has reached surface amongst the waves.
I have been in California before, when I was about four years old when our family went to Disneyland. But I have no recollection of this.
So this will be just about the first time that I'll be there; and I hope my memory lapses will allow me a brief moment of rest to keep these intact in my mind for years to come.
It will also be my first time in an airplane, and my nerves only surface because it is a new experience. I'm not so frightened because of height or danger, more just the newness of the experience.

God loves me with this opportunity he provides, I cannot deny this, because in the depths of my apathy and sadness, he reached in to give me hope.
Have faith my friend, for all is not lost and hopeless. You will find your peace of mind.

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