Monday, March 26, 2012

What I Didn't Expect.

She burrows in the waves of her dark brown hair,
and her mind skips time.

She remembers a few years back,
but relapse?
Where's last week?

She's finding comfort in strangers.
No, she's hoping to find comfort in strangers to hold the depth of her soul for a little while.

She's crumbling easy,
taking advantage of the little voice that's calling from behind.

She's complicated,
but no more than the rest of the human race.

She's lonely,
but only because she keeps herself alone.

Where did she go the last time she
inhaled for that escaped breath.

She's afraid to die,
but she can't grasp the concept.
It's something foreign,
but so close.

She just wants to find connection for her frayed wires.

The multi-colored squares of her shirt match the dark purple under her green eyes.
She's lined them in red to take attention off the blood shot white after
her invisible crying took her to the absence of life.

"Look for the broken-cement-brick-walls that line the walkway of the of his tired heart.
And you'll find your reward at the end."

It's not such a wasteful thing,
to hope and dream so large, it replaces your reality.

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