Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Empty Dyshporia.

I cannot comprehend what my heart feels. She is weeping for the hurt but will not show any remorse for the urge to cry. She's empty, disillusioned for the mere hope that someday it would all turn out right. But she held standards for it to occur too quickly, so now she is left horrendously let down by her own self.
"You may attempt to fool yourself for all the while, but you are impatient, my dear one, and you assume too much from the passersby.
'You cannot control the aspects of your mind that you wish to make better. Nor can you skip this stage because in a matter of time it will all come together at an instant, when you least expect it. Your only flaw is that you attempt to hypnotize yourself into thinking that this very moment is your least expectance of the situation. It will not occur at a snap of your fingers as you wish, because it is not your plan to be made."
Little pum-pumping organ you will find your peace, you will find your reassurance, and you will find your love. All you need for now is to find your patience.

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