Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moving On,

I cannot wait to get to the next stage of my life,

Thank God! For the opportunities that have arisen in front of me!
I will never get over love that God gives,
 and I feel slight regret for the hours I have not poured into Him.

But sometimes,
 in the quiet of nighttime, when I find myself simmering in my very surroundings.
I pray,
and man, how I let that time prolong to pray again.
But so necessary,
I get side tracked, I am so consumed at getting to the next chapter in my life,
that I almost run on autopilot, and forget at what point my life got here.
And I make the conscious effort to say thanks,
Oh God, thank you for the overpowering love you've showed me.
Because I don't deserve any part of it,
and I try to stay humble knowing that this wasn't because I worked hard, and not out of coincidence, or any convenience. But for my own peace of mind, to instill hope and faith, within my fears, that I am so loved.

Oh please God, let my visa arrive soon! Let me reunite with my lover, and push me into the next steps of where I'm supposed to go. Let me continue to move forward.

Ah! I can't contain my excitement and love!
Oh I have found love!
And that makes me so happy,

I made it.
I'm making it.

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